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Modern swimming pools are a complex mix of mechanical, electrical, vacuum, hydraulic and chemical delivery systems working in unison to deliver optimal performance. Trying to understand these advanced systems can be a daunting task and one of the most frequent questions we hear from customers is, “Where do I start?”

At Diamondback Pool Service and Repair, we understand how frustrating managing pool maintenance service can be for homeowners, making us proud to offer a complimentary 23 Point Pool Inspection. This detailed analysis of your pool system will give you a clear and accurate guide of exactly what needs to be done to make sure your pool is safe, secure and running like it should.

Our pool maintenance service includes:

23 Point Pool Inspection

  1. Check Pool filter pump for proper operation
  2. Check extra installed pumps for proper operation
  3. Check and record filter pressure
  4. Check intermatic pool timer for correct time
  5. Check pump mechanical shaft seal for leaks
  6. Check pump housing for leaks
  7. Check Salt system for proper operation
  8. Check cleaner for proper operation
  9. Check infloor cleaning system for proper operation
  10. Inspect o-rings for cracks and lubrication
  11. Inspect pool equipment area
  12. Check Pool equipment plumbing for leaks and security
  13. Check pump lid for cracks
  14. Check pool lights for proper operation
  15. Check pool surface for cracks and surface stains
  16. Check pool system for proper valve adjustment
  17. Check Chlorine
  18. Check Free Chlorine
  19. Check Alkalinity
  20. Check PH
  21. Balance Chlorine/Free Chlorine
  22. Balance Alkalinity
  23. Balance PH

Diamondback Pool Service and Repair is a pool maintenance company driven to make owning and maintaining a pool simple, easy and fun! If you are not sure where to get begin with your pool maintenance needs, why not start with our complimentary 23 point pool inspection. This no-pressure evaluation of your pool will give you the peace of mind knowing exactly what is needed to keep your pool looking and running just like the first day you jumped in.

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