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Energy Efficient Pool Heaters


If you are looking for an energy efficient pool heater, look no further. Hi-E2® Heaters from Jandy are the most energy efficient gas-fired pool heaters available with an impressive 95% heating efficiency rating. This heater comes with a host of features making it perfect for residential or small commercial pool heating needs.

energy efficient pool heaters

Jandy Pro Series Hi-E2 Heater


These energy efficient pool heaters do not sacrifice features for efficiency, take a look at some of the features they offer.

  • A unique forced-air system makes this the ideal heater for use in extreme weather and in difficult or unusual locations.
  • Safe and easy to maintain, the Hi-E2 employs our hot surface ignition system, completely eliminating the pilot light
  • High-tech composite, corrosion resistant materials and quality construction keeps the Hi-E2 working years longer than the competition
  • Self‐cleaning ignition, automatic venting, and a high‐velocity heat exchanger work together to provide reliability, safety, and trouble‐free operation
  • Trouble free operation – Self-cleaning ignition, automatic venting, and a high velocity heat exchanger work together to provide reliability and safety.


Jandy’s technical data states ” its combustion system includes a heat exchanger which extracts 95% of the energy in the gas fuel.”  That would provide an operational cost saving of 30% or more their brochure boasts. That is some savings, especially if packaged with a Jandy Variable Speed pump. It is no wonder they exceed even the strictest of conservation requirements in states such as California, Hawaii, New York and Oregon.