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Variable Speed Pool Pumps


Get a Variable Speed Pool Pump and get up to a $150.00 rebate, an extended warranty and save on your energy bill!

It is very likely that the pool pump you currently have is a single speed pump. What does this mean and why is it important? First, a single speed pump, much like its name implies, can only operate at one fixed speed and it operates at this one speed the entire time that it is on. Additionally, single speed pumps are only 45-55% energy efficient which means that up to 55% of the electricity that goes into the pump motor is expelled and wasted in the form of heat.

Unlike single speed pumps, modern variable speed pumps can operate over a wide range of speeds and with a 90% energy efficiency rating, only 10% of the power that goes into the pump is not used!

Consider this: All single speed pool pumps run at a constant 3450 rpm the entire time the pump is on. A Variable Speed Pump has the ability to be adjusted to run from 0 – 3450 rpm and it is our experience that in almost every case, a pool pump never needs to run over 2850 rpm to effectively clean a pool. And here’s the best part; most automatic suction pool cleaners can have a pool clean in about two hours. With a variable speed pool pump, we can program it run at exactly the right time and speed needed to most effectively clean your pool and then taper the pump speed down for maximum energy efficiency – greatly reducing your energy costs.

So what’s the bottom line? Variable speed pool pumps are giving our customers real savings on their electricity bills! The energy savings are so significant that Arizona Public Service Company (APS) is giving pool owners a $150.00 rebate when they switch to a variable speed pool pump. It’s important to note that last year alone, Phoenix-area pool owners saved 1.8 billion kilowatts of electricity by participating in the APS Variable Speed Pump rebate program.

Still not convinced that a variable speed pool pump is the way to go? OK then, it’s the law! On January 1st, 2012, Arizona passed a mandated law that states repairs to any existing single speed pool pump greater than one horsepower will be strictly prohibited by law. This means you can keep the pump you currently have but if it is greater than one horsepower and needs repairs in the future, it will have to be replaced with either a two-speed motor or a variable speed pump.

With all of the incentives available today, there has never been a better time to upgrade your single speed pump!


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