For pool leak detection and repair, visit our sister company Leak Science.


Quick Quote Service

Get fast and easy quotes for all of your pool service and repair needs within minutes. Simply provide us the details of what you are looking for and send us a few pictures or a video and we will send you back a quote. For example if you want a quick quote on a new pump. Take and send us a picture of your existing pool pump sticker with the model number etc. and a picture of your pool and let us know if you have an automation system and we will send you back a quote on new and rebuilt if applicable.


Equipment Repair Service

With over 10 years of experience, there is virtually nothing our team of repair technicians cannot repair/replace/ or find a proper solution for.  Our technicians keep up on the latest technology in the pool industry and take advantage of the training offered by the various manufacturers when offered here in the valley.


Heavy Repair Service

Our technicians also have year of experience repairing and installing water leveler cans and skimmers.  They not only install the new cans and/or skimmers but also repair the deck as if we had never been there.  Here are a few examples of our work.


water leveler can before

Extensive damage from the tree roots


Pool/Spa Light Niche Repair Service

Pool and Spa light niches are a common element of the pool that requires periodic repair. There are several options available to repair a leaking light niches that are efficient and cost effective. Our technicians are skilled in these repairs.


Deck Repair Service

Over time, with the constant exposure to the elements and foot traffic, decks begin to crack, chip and fade. Many people are unaware that it is relatively inexpensive to have your deck repaired and repainted. It is one of the most cost-effective means to give your backyard a face-lift. We use high quality Xcel deck products.


Deck Before

Deck After

Deck After

Flag Stone Repair Service

Flagstone is popular deck material because of its beautiful natural look and durability. However many people seal their flagstone which lends to deterioration (delaminating) and staining. However, our heavy repair division is able to render quality repairs to your flagstone deck should it have succumb to the elements.


Surface Repair Service

Our heavy repair technicians have years of experience in repairing tile, plaster patching and pebbletec patches. With regard to this topic we feel pictures speak louder than words.


Remodeling Service

In conjunction with our plastering partners, DiamondBack Pool Service & Repair is proud to offer full remodeling service.  We offer surface options from plaster to pebble and everything in between.  Beginning in December, we will also be offering quick quotes on remodels.

Simply email us a picture of your pool and or spa, and provide answers to the following questions:

  1. Perimeter of Pool (in feet)
  2. Perimeter of Spa
  3. Number of drain covers in pool and spa
  4. Number of aerator nozzles in the pool and spa
  5. Do you wish to save your waterline tile or do you want it replaced
  6. What surface are you seeking (i.e. plaster, 3M Quartz, Peble, Mini-pebble, glass bead in the mix)
  7. Do you want the deck repaired and repainted (if so send pics of the deck).
surface before

Surface Before Remodel

Siebert Re-Plaster

After rebar and crack repairs and 2 coats of fresh plaster.


Siebert Pool & Spa After

Completed Remodeled Refilling